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Welcome to Grad Night

The Tyngsborough High School Grad Night Committee is a recognized, non-profit organization whose goal is to provide a drug-free, all-night event for Tyngsborough High School graduating seniors on the night of graduation. We are a parent-run group that works to raise funds throughout the school year in an effort to fund our Grad Night event. All donations are tax deductable.

Tax Identification Number: 27-1214933

About Grad Night

Grad Night takes place on the evening of graduation where we whisk your young adult and the other graduates off to a fun-filled evening with food and entertainment after the graduation ceremony. The evening is drug- and alcohol-free. The graduates will discover they can have a great time with their classmates without these influences. This is a free event for the graduating seniors.

Note to Senior Parents

If you are the parent of a Tyngsborough High School senior, please send an email to Patty Fidler so we may better communicate with you regarding Grad Night and upcoming events as we get closer to Graduation Day! Please use the subject line Grad Night and include the parent email only, as some of the information we share is meant for parents' eyes only! Thank you!